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Personal Training is beneficial to all increasing performance by minimizing restrictions, improving mobility, maximizing tissue and cellular generation by gaining muscle, reducing fat, increasing muscle anerobic ability, preventing degeneration, aiding in acceleration of healing injuries by improving lost functions. Help your body gain and build by helping with cellular metabolic waste and debris through pinocytosis and phagocytosis with movement and and stretching. Personal Training will vary from client to client depending on activity level, compensations and personal abilities.

Personal Training:

Personal Training Packages are available in 5, 10 and 20 sessions. Sessions may be used anytime scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Sessions can be trained in multiple locations.

1) Consultation and Evaluation
2) Individualized Personal Training 
3) Personalized Recommended Easy to Follow Nutrition Plans 
4) Trainers who CARE about your success and "Fitness-Progress"

Fitness Consultations:

Fitness Consultation is communicating with a Personal Trainer one on one about your personal individualized goals and what has held you back from getting the results you would like and where you want to be health wise.  Questions will be asked in order to be able to make the best recommendations and suggestions to help achieve your personal goals. Fitness Consultations will include the following:

1) Body Fat Analysis
2) Body Measurements
3) Recommended Fitness Plan
4) Quantifiable Results Tracking
5) Recommended Nutrition Plans
6) Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to make a change?  

Tired of not making any progress or the progress you think you deserve? 

Let us help and show what you know you are capable of accomplishing!  

The process of stepping out of your comfort zone is what allows us to learn and appreciate our progress.  With that discomfort, comes uncertainty - which is why we strongly urge all of our clients to ask questions.  We are always teaching and learning!  We like to consider that all of our clients are the most educated clients in regards to health and training out there. 

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